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I’m Phylip Morgan and whilst most of the world knows me for my Business and Technology endeavours, I’m way more passionate about the four women that I’m blessed to do life with. My wife Ruth and my three daughters Carys, Ffion, and Sara – are everything to me. The thing we love most is being together, particularly holidays. It’s time to momentarily free ourselves from our responsibilities, recharge our batteries, talk, laugh, cry, and be with each other. 

One such holiday was Cyprus 2019 and a fantastic family week, much of it sunning ourselves unplugged (no internet or mobile signal) on Turtle Beach that I will cherish forever. The girls had for quite some time discussed starting a YouTube channel but with our youngest (Sara) still in Comprehensive School, Carys & Ffion were concerned that she might get bullied or picked on as a consequence. Early in the week the girls chatted again about their idea and Sara decided that she did not care of her friends opinions and there on the first weekend our Cyprus holiday #TheMorgans was born, together with Super Tourist [said in singing voice].

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The Morgans first-ever video #THEMORGANS


My life has never been the same since!  Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that people would be remotely interested in the lives of our family, the questions and conversation it has sparked both online and in-person and the opportunities it has brought our way.

Life in lockdown from March to May 2020 resulted in so many things for us as a family. Pivoting our business interests, taking Calon Church online, and living together without strangling each other were huge challenges for us to overcome. However, great things came out of the experience. We were stretched, learned new skills, discovered amazing things about ourselves and each other. That resulted in Carys starting her own YouTube channel on the 1st of May 2020 and me two weeks later on the 15th of May 2020.

My Channel focuses on the things that I’m Passionate about – Faith, Family, Business, Technology, and Leadership, and the PlayList section of the Channel is probably the easiest way to shoot to the content that interests you. I hope it inspires you in some small way to live your dreams and unleash your talent onto a world that badly needs it.

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Faith, Family, Business, Technology, Leadership